Church supports gambling TV ads ban during live sports events in the UK

The Church of England has supported a proposed ban of gambling advertisements on television during live sports telecasts in the UK. 

As per the proposed legislation, gambling advertisements of any type will not allow an hour before and an hour after all live broadcasts. The proposal is being discussed in public an all-party coalition of political and church leaders. 

A consortium led by the church is asking the UK Government to remove a loophole in the law that permits gambling operators to target viewers on TV and online with “live odds” on matches that may be watched by children. 

Lord Chadlington, a Conservative leader, is rooting for a system like the Australian system that bans ads from gambling companies before, during and after games. A spokesman for the Church of England said that the bookmakers had “singularly failed to exercise any kind of restraint” over their advertising during sports events. The peer had commissioned his own poll of 2000 people that showed 58 per cent supporting a blanket ban on gambling advertising on all UK channels and platforms.