Japan gets closer to IR bill

Focus Gaming News
For several months, Japan has been debating the arrival of the casino industry through the passage of the integrated resorts (IR) implementation bill. After the current Diet session got extended, the bill seems to be closer to turn into Law than ever, specially after recent developments at the parliament.
One of the main hurdles for the bill to be approved was the potential negative effect gambling may have on the population. However, lawmakers have passed the Basic Bill on Gambling Addiction Countermeasures, which tackles problem gambling and makes the IR Implementation Bill to be one step closer, less than two weeks from the extended session’s end.
According to the approved bill, the central government would be required to prepare the basic outline for gambling addiction measures, while local governments prepare the execution plan for said measures. The Law not only covers casino gambling, but includes pachinko and other segments.
Now, the way has been cleared for the IR Implementation bill to be finally outlined and voted on. The final day on the parliament is expected to be July 19th, when the proposed legislation would be voted and, hopefully, approved just before the session finally ends.