Pennsylvania still waiting for sports betting

Focus Gaming News
The spokesman for the local gambling regulator said that there won’t be sports betting until next month. 

US.- As the US Supreme Court decided to strike PASPA, the Act that prohibited states from offering sports betting, some states are rushing to be the first ones to offer the gambling modality. Pennsylvania is taking its time to come up with a proper regulation, therefore it is not expected that it will start its operations until next month. 

So far two casinos have petitioned the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) for sports betting licences, including Parx Casino, which wants to offer sports betting at the Bucks County casino and its racetrack in South Philadelphia. 

PGCB spokesman Dough Harbach said that the petitions were not ready to be discussed at Wednesday’s meeting. “The petitions have to be looked at by our investigative unit and our operations unit, and also, the casino itself has to be prepared,” he said. “So we’re just not to the point of these being ripe for a board decision.” Harbach added that one of those petitions should be up for a vote next month.