CRM from BetConstruct provides the widest range of single tool campaign and player management functions available in the market today. From planning standalone promotions through execution, results gathering and analysis, CRM combines accuracy with deep insights.

CRM from BetConstruct is a complete and independent, web-based solution. That means our partners don’t have to buy or integrate any extra software. Our admin tool allows to easily configure a partner’s preferred settings, including email and SMS provider details and choice of operating language.


Our solution is gaming-specific with a large number of filters/KPIs implemented specifically for sports and casino offerings by BetConstruct. 


BetConstruct CRM Campaign Manager includes the option of a high volume email provider within the package price. Functionality includes sending over 430 thousand emails a day – or 18 thousand every hour. That’s the power of around 13,000 million email contacts every month. It is also possible to integrate with any third-party messaging service provider and use its performance capabilities



  • Ad-hoc, Multistep, Triggered and Push marketing campaigns through multiple
    channels: Email, SMS, Internal Messaging
  • Comprehensive template creation tools
  • Client segmentation with 160+ dynamic filters and their intersections
  • New customer acquisition through non-customer static segments, leads generation
  • Third-party messaging service provider integration, social networks integration
    with push campaigns
  • Real-time campaign monitor
  • Email/SMS tracking and analytics
  • Analytics metrics, charts and reports through adaptable dashboard as well as on-demand custom reports
  • Google calendar integration
  • Flexible and automated report generation across 60+ KPIs
  • 24/7 support and trainings
  • Multilingual and web-based
  • Full integration with Spring platform and Bonus engine

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