The services, which can be provided by Information Security team, focus on the core security services that build solid security foundations for organizations. We conduct penetration tests, including black box, grey box, white box and stress testing. Penetration tests are followed by detailed report, which includes the discovered vulnerabilities, the ways they can be exploited and controls to prevent their recurrence.

Our team conducts security audits: an evaluation of the security of a company’s information system by measuring how well it conforms to a set of established criteria. We offer web hosting hardening, including security level improvement, integrity control, and backup configuration. 

For getting ISO 27001 certification, including the preparation of information security policies, procedures, and standards, BetConstruct Information Security team establishes and manages an Information Security Management System and provide consultancy. 
Also, we provide the following services and consultancies: 


  • Consultancy for becoming PCI DSS certified 
  • Development of a Business Continuity Plan Incident Management 
  • DLP solution development 
  • IDS/IPS and WAF solutions 
  • Business Continuity Planning
Penetration test 


Black box for Website and web applications: 

Duration: starting from 4 days 

Cost for Wordpress: starting from 880 euros 

Cost for other CMS: starting from 2100 euros 


Grey box Pentest for Web sites and Web applications: 

Duration: starting from 1 week 

Cost: starting from 2800 euros 


White Box Infrastructure / perimeter audit: 

Duration: starting form 2 days 

Cost per single IP: starting from 105 euros 

Stress testing


Duration: within 1 week Cost for single host attack: starting from 265 euros