For the casino owners who would like to extend the presence of their brand to online, BetConstruct provides a custom-made casino studio setup. Our company takes care of designing the online version of your land-based casino to match its original style and branding. Without interfering with the real casino games or violating the privacy policy, your online live casino will be promoted to the web players worldwide

BetConstruct covers the main aspects of the setup which includes providing technical support, developing the suitable software and organizing all the necessary trainings for the dealers of live casino. Alongside with the software we provide the hardware needed for the operation of the casino. That includes cards, checkers, monitors and cameras and the setup itself. 


BetConstruct professionals organize special trainings for the dealers to learn how to work for the web based-format. As an addition to the studio, BetConstruct assigns 24/7 support for the players of the online casino.



The setup fee per 1 table is 25.000 euros.

The revenue share plan: 90% Operator - 10% BetConstruct.