Our Live Scouting service provides fast and reliable data for different sports events to betting companies. Having 1000+ scouts in our network, we collect information about 8 sports (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Table tennis, Handball, and Futsal) directly from the sporting venues in over 65 countries. Currently, our coverage reaches up to 5000 matches monthly - 4000 matches from the venue and 1000 matches from TV. In addition, we work on including the exclusive content of our coverage.

Working through the in-house application, our scouts transfer data to our partners in a split second, basically in under 500 milliseconds (0.5 seconds). 

To ensure the highest quality of our data, we established a 24/7 monitoring division. The main activities of the division are the communication with the scout and the trader and monitoring of data flow by comparing it with other sources.



The cost of the feed per 1 match is 6.5 euros.