We focus on both offline and digital marketing spectrums: 

content, websites, search, social, advertising, apps, analytics, automation, email marketing, positioning, media buying and media relations, branding, etc. 

In addition, we specialize in the data-driven lead generation, lead qualification, and scoring, lead-to-sales nurturing and demand generation. Whether your business is taking advantage of it or not, social media has forever changed the way consumers communicate with businesses and vice versa.

      For your business to run smoothly we can:


  • Understand your existing customers
  • Identify potential new customers
  • Set realistic targets for your business
  • Develop new, effective strategies



The following pricing is applied for B2B marketing service:


Media Buying and Media Relations: 1.800 euros       Market Analysis: 12.000-16.000 euros 

Marketing Strategy: 8.000-44.000 euros                      Branding: 4.000-60.000 euros 

Content Development: 400-2.800 euros                       Digital Marketing: 4.000 euros

Content Research: 4.000-20.000 euros                        SEO: 1.200-8.000 euros


A fixed price can be agreed between the parties for a single project and individual training about Marketing.