Statistics provides access to comprehensive and sophisticated information based on complete historical and near live data. The visual environment is attractive, friendly to use and incorporates advanced functionality for a positive user experience. Statistics provides simple navigation from a competition section to head-to-head section and other functionality. Customizable logos and colors can be included to reflect your brand identity to your players.

Providing a wide variety of sports data, BetConstruct Statistics has a multi-device access. It includes simple navigation through sports, regions and competitions, match results and fixtures, standings, as well as statistics for Handicap/Total/Individual Total, members and head-to-head statistics.

BetConstruct Live Casino is tailored to the desires of the operator’s players. An operator can create their own casino environment to build a unique player experience while playing Live Casino games. The operator receives:


  • Full menu translation tool
  • Flexible branding
  • 15 sports covered
  • Data from matches held in over 120 countries
  • Data from over 2100 competitions, including 700+ soccer tournaments
  • Over 20 years of accurate historical data for top football leagues
  • BetNow functionality (redirection to the Sportsbook matches for BetConstruct partners)
  • Statistics for Handicap/Total/Individual Total



€ 4,900

1000 per month (first month free of charge)


€ 4,900

€1000 per month (first month free of charge)

Latin America

$ 5,000

$ 1000 per month (first month free of charge)