VR casino - is online casino, created by using the technology of virtual reality. It’s a unique format of the project, which will be soon enjoy incredible popularity among players worldwide. Together with the global development of VR technologies become more urgent online casino projects in which the player will be able to feel 100% immersed in the game. Casino Player dip in virtual reality can move freely within the gaming halls, interact with objects, communicate with other visitors via voice chat.

In the main hall for players are available slots. This is a unique project of its kind as in a single platform. In the casino is available sports bar, and of course betting on any game online. You can walk through the virtual space, and for more comfort we created teleport method.


  • Custom package with tailored look and feel and localization.

  • Possibility to order a virtual analogue of an existing casino with its own or rentable program support VR casino integration into the partners’ websites.

  • Elaboration of own unique games and solutions.

Online gambling has had to share a good "piece of cake" with social casino, which, with the advent of virtual reality, promise even more popular, as they can be used in the advertising campaign of standard terrestrial casinos.



€ 5,000


€ 5,000

latin america

$ 5,000